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Are you frustrated spending hundreds of dollars getting an explainer video created? We know the feeling and that led us to start this website. People after looking at the exorbitant rates charged by design studios feel that the DIY approach using explainer video software is the best.

While this may seem like a good idea, sadly the content that you will be able to create would end up looking pretty terrible. And face it, if you end up with a mediocre video, the chances of you closing a sale are reduced further. So it would actually make more sense to not use a video at all

Steps In Explainer Video Production

Did you know that the average attention span of the internet user is just 7 seconds? 7 seconds is all you have to grab your visitors attention, or lose them for ever And If you're still using a "text only" sales letter, then chances are that you have lost more than 65% of your visitors to the competition. A well crafted sales video is known to boost conversion by as much as 30%, and that's exactly what you need.

Pick an Animation Style That You Think Will Fit Your Corporate Culture

Ok, so you know you need a sales video on your website pronto, but how are you going to get one? Sure you could use a webcam or some screen capture software and make a video, but honestly how professional would that look? And professional video services cost an arm and a leg, Some even charging as high as $3000 for a one minute video. Now, I dont know about you, but to me that's highway robbery.

Why You Need a Custom Explainer Video

Luckily for you we have a solution. Here at Killer Explainer Video, the explainer video agency that you should go for, we'll give you a professional quality HD video like the one you are viewing right now, at a fraction of the cost you'd pay a high end design studio. Since we are a small agency we give every client personalized attention and you will have a dedicated project manager who will act as a single point of contact. We give you scene by scene video previews so that you can exactly see how your video is turning out and in case any changes are required they can be done then and there saving both you and us valuable time and money. We have a large pool of voice talents that you can choose from and we also have foreign langauge voice talents so we can create explainers in multiple languages Just contact us for a quote. A well crafted explainer video has the power to increase your sales, convert prospctes better and educate your website visitors. In todays time video should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Don't let the lack of video stand between you and your success.

We Have a Wide Range of Explainer Video Templates

Obviously its not feasible to create custom bespoke videos at throw away prices, and still we wanted to come up with a solution that would be both inexpensive and yet be of the quality of a professional design studio. With that in mind we created template based videos. These are essentially generic videos that can be used by a variety of verticals. All we need from you is the text and the images that you need replaced and we will create a killer video that will boost your conversions.

Why Hire KillerExplainerVideos as Your Explainer Video Production Company

At times you still feel that our templates arent suitable for what you have in mind. Since you know your business more intimately than us, you may have an idea of what imagery you want displayed in your video. In such situation you should avail of our full service design studio. We handle everything right from concept to storyboarding, right up to delivering the final video to you created using software like adobe after effects, toon boom and anime studio. Our rates are very competitive and arguably we the only studio that provided all these services at such low rates. Most of our competitors who charge similar prices, nickel and dime you later with each service as an upsell. So they will ask you to provide the storyboard and the concept, or will agree to do it for you at an additional fee, and once you add up all these addons, the final price would be almost be double of what was quoted to you initially. So that's one thing you need to be aware of. Explainer Video Production>

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Template Videos Preset Design

Want an explainer video that will convert, but want to break the bank?

Then our templates based explainers are the way to go .

Simply select a design from our explainer video templates, a voice talent if you wish and place your order to get a professional quality explainer delivered to you in just under 72 hours.

Fast turn around, pro quality animation at a price much lower than what most studios charge

Live Actors Live Actors

Are you looking for a explainer video where you have a live person explaining what your business does? Or maybe an actor praising your service posing as a buyer. If what you are looking for, then our corporate video production service is what you need

Choose an actor, send us a draft script and we will record and send you a sales video/testimonial video with an image of your choice as the video background.

Choose from our database of actors to pick one that suits your business style, be it casual or a formal setting.

Custom Video Custom Design

Templates are not your thing? Live presenters don't interest you?

Looking for a explainer video thats different and engaging?

Not a problem. We can design a custom explainer video for you based on your requirement.

All we need is a rough writeup on what your business does and we will create an animated explainer video that will skyrocket your sales!

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