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01 - Product/Service Testimonial or Corporate Spokesperson
51 Sales | $
02 - Green Screen Service/Product Promotion or Testimonial
106 Sales | $
03 - News Reporter Style Website/Business Promotion
121 Sales | $
04- Product/Service Testimonial or Corporate Spokesperson
76 Sales | $
05 - End User Style Product/Service Testimonial
59 Sales | $
06 - Product/Service Testimonial or Corporate Spokesperson
113 Sales | $
07 - End User Style Product/Service Testimonial
44 Sales | $
08 - Product/Service Testimonial or Corporate Spokesperson
86 Sales | $
09 - News Reader Style Website/Business Promotion
73 Sales | $




Corporate video production involves the creation corporate communications tools such as high-definition video, DVD and more recently streaming web videos. Almost every business would like to have a corporate spokesperson, but the cost that's involved in the creation of such videos has been prohibitive in the past. Thanks to plugins like keylight it is now possible to have corporate video production involving green screen to be done at very economical rate.

Our live actors are the perfect solution for your needs. We have actors who are multilingual and also perform in front of a green screen.

Since we use actors who are just out of acting school, our charges are very economical as compared to professional actors

Aditionally we can also add your company logo in the background. We also have actors who work with a virtual newsroom background to make it look like your company were featured in a newcast.

An explainer video, especially one that is professionally done, will work to the advantage of the company as it presents a positive image of the company or business.

The whole business of corporate video production has arisen from the new-age companies realizing the effectiveness of a well designed and compellingly conceptualized corporate video production for various industry segments, be it training, initiation to a company process, upgrading knowledge base of junior or senior level employees or simply motivational messages. In addition to corporate videos we also have a wide range of video templates that can be used

Corporate videos are a vital part of all corporate operations, from training and safety information for employees, to product and sales information to staff members, to promotional and marketing videos for potential customers.





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