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Explainer Video Production At Rock Bottom Prices


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Why Does Your Business Need An Explainer Video?

The attention span of the average internet user is as low as seven seconds. Seven seconds is all you have to grab the viewers attention or lose him to the competition.

With a well crafted explainer video you can increase your conversion by as much as 65%. It also helps educate your customer about your business. Doing this will improve customer retention as well as bounce rates.

We have a wide range of animation styles ranging from motion graphics, 2d Character animation, whiteboard animation, cartoon style and much more.

All our explainer videos are created with Adobe after effects and are of top most quality.

Though we are much cheaper than other studios we offer agency quality animation and do not compromise on quality.

Most design studios charge $2000 and higher per minute to create an animated explainer, which is way higher than the budgets of most small businesses.

Our affordable rates include all the aspects of video production right from script writing, storyboard, the voice over, background music and SFX.

We believe in quality and so only take on a few clients at a time and take from three to four weeks to deliver the final product.


"You guys did a really good job with this and i will be ordering more.
So because of this i am keeping the watermark at the end of the video to give your business some credit for the work and effort.
Looking forward to working with you on the next custom video." - Jay Taylor (

"Thank you for the awesome explainer video you created for us. We will be coming back for more"- Anna Carter

"I was amazed at how low priced your video creation service was priced at, the other sites I checked out were way too expensive. Thanks for the amazing explainer video you guys created for us" - Fabiola Noel (Practicalwealth LLC)



Most people will never read a sales page that is only text and are bored easily, so an animated explainer video is the best way to keep your audience engaged.

They say content is king and in case of your explainer video its the script that's of utmost important. With a weak script the video will not keep the visitor engaged, no matter how high quality the video production is.

With this in mind we have a professional in house copywriter, who will craft the sales copy using the proven formula of attention, interest, desire and action or AIDA in short.

The voice over plays an important part of the sales process. We use professional voice over artists who have years of experience in the media industry working as radio jockeys, voice actors and much more.

We also provide foreign language voice talent so that your explainer video can target markets all around the world.










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